Welcome at the Hotel Bastenhaus

The Hotel Bastenhaus is destinated at the foot of the "Donnersberg", the highest mountain in Palatinate. 687 m high rises the mountain as a lone giant in the North Palatinate.

The hotel has its origin by Sebastian Fischer who settled down in the 17th century a bit outside of Dannenfels as a charburner. Popularly he was called only Bastian and so Bastenhouse turned out from Bastians´ house. Over the years became out of a charburner a farmer. As the wood hauling in this region began, turned the farm by the way to a rest area for humans and animals. Horses got water and wagoners could get strength.

From 1967 on Brigitte and Erich Stollhof built from year to year more and more seating places in the arised restaurant. From 1980 on the hotel building started. First they had 5 rooms, 5 years after 10 rooms. And then Berthold Stollhof, the next generation, joined the company as a fresh Master in the kitchen and a hotelier. The last stables and the last barn had to leave and more new and mordern rooms were built. The agriculture has been completely abandoned.

And so the first and only 4-star hotel was established in this region. Through our small beautiful spa oasis, offered massage and beauty treatments combined with a attractive price-performance ratio, our house is ideal for getaways, long weekends, or simply for a spontaneous trip alone, with the partner or the whole family.

Since two years is also the youngest generation on board, Patrik Stollhof and his future wife Daniela Malik. Both visited after years of experience, the hotel School Heidelberg and are nationally recognized economists for the hotel and restaurant business. Patrik Stollhof, a trained chef has gained a lot of experience in Germany and abroad. Daniela Malik, qualified hotel managress, provides the perfect counterpart with also several years of experience in Germany and abroad.

The proximity to our guests is very important to us and it is also our strength. The boss is accessible every day, through that we are very flexible and can arrange services short term.

Together with our diligent team, we would be very pleased welcoming you in the future.